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Eugene Fritcher was born in Gladwin, Michigan in 1928. He has been the subject of many articles regarding his views on preservation of lakes, rivers, wildlife and forest land. The author lived an extremely active life in his younger years, and through his many jobs, acquaintances and his own experiences, he has gathered a multitude of writing material.

Monday, January 13, 2014


At age eighty five I'm often ask,
why do you prefer living in the past?
I raise my head gaze with blank stare,
few friends here memories to share.

To most old age is seldom kind,
it strips you of strength and mind.
Forced to live each day like the last
back in time my mind I freely cast.

I hunt, fish, love, live, work again,
reminisce with my departed friends.
One sided conversations, may be true,
I win every argument how about you.

Living back in time has it's reward,
cars are priced that you can afford.
Smokes are sold five cents a pack,
a dollar fills a two peck grocery sack.

Gas ten cents a gallon what can I say.
You wonder why I live in yesterday?                                     
My old friends sleep in peaceful rest,
future holds little, past holds the best.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Seems our big quest of today
is find another planet soon,
Earth now ruined beyond repair
could it be we all face doom?

We probe the sky with telescope,
send spaceships to the moon.
Electronic ears search night and day
for a place where life will bloom.

Greed and over population,
natural resource in decline,
our lakes and streams polluted,
earths situation is not fine.

It only took a few hundred years
to bring earth to no tomorrow.
In just a few years our technology
could leave future worlds in sorrow.

What if our new world is inhabited,
will we commit the same old crime?
Drive them from their homes to starve,
their race unworthy of our kind.

Each night before I retire
I pray God will not let us find,
another planet in his creation
to plunder in such short time.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


We say the American dream is over,
this statement is not entirely true.
Look around, the dream still exists,
but only for an elite select few.

Those willing to plunder our resources
destroying quality life, mind and hand,
profiting by the misfortune of others
polluting rivers, lakes and our land.

They deem this destruction progress,
I say it's almighty dollar in command.
Our jobs shipped to factories in China,
while homeless set forlorn in the sand.

Many have lost homes, been evicted,
work at low paid jobs when they can.
Mortgage defaults by the thousands,
each day more join the jobless band.

Speculators predicting future recovery
are buying up these foreclosure homes,
profiting from the misfortune of others
the victim looking for shelter he roams.

We no longer call hard times depression,
recession holding a much softer tone.
Description makes but little difference,
jobless, homeless, stripped to the bone.